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The Best of The Week

"Eat me, fuckface."
--Mojo's traditional autograph salutation

American musician/pagan fertility god, born in 1957. Real name: Neill Kirby McMillan, Jr. He was born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on August 2, 1957, but grew up in Danville, Virginia. A rock fanatic in his youth, he earned degrees from Miami University in Ohio in political science and history.

McMillan moved to England in 1979. Hoping to break into London's punk scene, he performed old rock-and-roll cover songs for a while before returning to the United States the next year. He formed a punk band called Zebra 123 in Denver and quickly got into trouble with the Secret Service for putting on a concert called the Assassination Ball and making posters that featured Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter getting their heads blown off. He later moved to San Diego, where he met future Beat Farmer Country Dick Montana for the first time.

I've had two books out in the past five weeks.

My book Shooting Yourself in the Head For Fun And Profit was released by Post Mortem Press in late June. It's my first nonfiction collection, and some of the content will be familiar to noders. The big challenge with this book was re-writing everything so the book as a whole has a good flow. So far, people have been finding the book useful.

My story collection

Today is my last weekday morning that is an off day from work.

I first woke up around 5:15 and, recalling that it is an off day, happily drifted back to sleep in the warmth of the bed.

If there is a greater pleasure common to the human experience it would need a 12 step program.

A little before 7Am I awake again and I snuggle up close to my wife. Burrowing my face into the curls of her hair, I take in her scent deeply and slowly.