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Quick quiz question: what was the first Executive Order issued by president Donald Trump? You are probably imagining some big newsy thing; what might leap to mind, something to do with borders or immigration or the 'making of America great again.' Or, if your mind is on the topic, you might think it has something to do with that hiring freeze, or with that recurring tradition by which every new administration of the opposing party prohibits or lifts the prohibition on foreign aid being used to talk to people about abortion.

In fact, it was none of these. The very first Executive Order to which Trump appended his signature, the one so urgent that it could not wait until the end of his Inauguration Day, was one raising the cost of mortgages on middle class home buyers.

You see, there's this government entity…

What is wellness and what is illness?

Many of the people that I see in clinic want healing. But healing is complicated. Many people define healing as "I want to be the way I was six years ago when I felt good."

I delve into the time when they felt good. Sometimes when I start asking about it, they were very busy. Often very stressed. Often not paying attention to their own care, caring for someone else, a parent, a child, a partner. Or overworking

I watch with Jimmie and Liz as the exodus to Reykjavík takes place. Jimmie had been the only one of the group not laid low by the terrifying weather that had gripped the ship in the last day. The storm had delayed our arrival in port by several miserable hours. A "severe gale and a high sea," Jimmie had called it casually, in the way that you might call King Kong a 'bad monkey.' He had checked in on everyone in turn, helping us to ride out the violent tossing of the sea and…