The Maroon Beret is also the Trademark of the British Army's Parachute Regiment. The American Airborne Maroon Beret was actually copied of the British Forces (the Parachute Regiment, being concieved in 1941, and issued the Maroon Beret). The Parachute Regiment wear the beret with a cap badge, that of a winged parachute with a crown on top.

The current styling of the beret is to wear the right hand side draged down as far as posible, and nearly in front of the right eye, with the centre of the cap badge lining up with the left most point of the left eye.

The Maroon Beret is issued to all members of the Airborne Forces, including Band Members. There are a FEW who have not passed P Company who wear it (some Band Members). This includes a few women (no more than a hand few). This is because women are not allowed to go though P Company