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Subnautica is a survival game in which you are tasked with living through the crash of an interstellar freighter on a world covered almost entirely by water.


Title: Subnautica
Publisher: Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Developer: Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Genre: survival, sandbox, first-person
Reviewed for: Xbox Series X
Release date: Mac/PC: January 2018; PS4/Xbox One: December 2018; Switch/PS5/Xbox Series X+S: May 2021


Sometimes the easiest way to talk about a game is to talk about the games and other media which seem to have influenced it. This game looks and feels a lot like No Man's Sky, but instead of being set mostly on land in a vast and undifferentiated universe, it is set mostly in the sea on a relatively small game map. Much of how you progress in both games is by exploring in the wreckage of crashed spaceships. You search for resources to…

But most of all, about people itself. Yes, I know how ironic it sounds, we're talking about "super-heros" here.

Before I go on, lets set things straight: I've only watched the show, it's 5am and I didn't sleep, so let's take everything with a grain of salt, thank you (and btw: this is probably going to get long).

• First off: What do I mean?
The Umbrella Academy is about people, their flaws, their fears, their envy, attachments, grieve, their…

I don’t know
That I believe in
Two become one


I miss that space
Sharing skin
Entwined intensity
Losing track of
Where you end
And I begin
Two becoming tangled

Most days it sits
Comfortably in the
Back of my mind
A delicious ache
Waiting for future
Escapes together

Then some days
You catch me off guard
An unexpected, intentional touch

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