Anya Seton
Historical Fiction Author

As of 1972, Anya Seton lived in Old Greenwich, CT, not very far from the house she grew up in. She did most of her writing from this place, along with several other locations she had to visit for research (various parts of the United States, England, and Iceland). The level of research Seton does for each book is amazing; the details are exquisite, allowing the characters and settings to come to life in an eerily realistic fashion. Most of her books are no longer in print, and she seems to have been all but forgotten.

My favorite book by Anya Seton is Green Darkness. It was published in 1972 and has been out of print for quite some time. My mother recommended it to me, so I checked out a tattered copy from the library downtown. I fell in love with the book and decided I had to own a copy. It cost almost fifty dollars and took two months, but eventually I managed to come across a beautiful copy of Green Darkness, a superb story about reincarnation and true love lasting through the ages.

Other books by Anya Seton:
The Mistletoe & the Sword, 1955
Smouldering Fires, 1955
My Theodosia
The Turquoise
The Hearth and Eagle
The Winthrop Woman
Devil Water

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